Sunday, February 8, 2015

Connor Zwetsch (February 8, 2015)

Sitting here watching the 2015 Grammy's, I can't help but wonder what the awards might look like if there was more of a focus on new music and musicians and not just the traditional music "industry" that has been running things for decades.  I wish there were more outlets for great artists like the ones featured in this group to gain greater exposure.  Thanks to all of you for checking out our Emerge Music artists and for spreading the word to your friends!

Connor Zwetsch is an incredible talente who, in my book, should be up on the Grammy stage in the near future.  Her music flows so beautifully and effortlessly in her debut EP, "What Comes After." "Wasting Water" has more of a rock sound leaning towards The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and even Mumford and Sons. "Open Road" sounds like it borrowed its opening melody from Matchbox 20.  "Candy Bars" make Connor sound like a real story teller in addition to a wonderful singer and musician.  Now is the time to check her out, not just because there are five great songs here but also because you can get them for free on Noisetrade.

Thanks for the support, have a great week and enjoy the music,

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  1. Yes, you can download them for free on Noisetrade, but we should support talented artists like Connor Zwetsch.