Sunday, February 1, 2015

Alan Doyle (February 1, 2015)

It's Super Bowl Sunday so I'm of course featuring a Canadian artist this week (figuring that most of our American readers are busy with football tonight).  Alan Doyle may be best known as the lead singer of Great Big Sea (one of my all time favorite bands) but his solo work is phenomenal! His most recent album, "So Let's Go" is one of the best collections of music from a singer-songwriter I've heard in years.  His distinctive voice can do no wrong to me but this album runs the gamut from drinking party songs (1, 2, 3, 4) to radio ready pop songs (I Can't Dance Without You) to gorgeous ballads (Laying Down to Perish).  There are hints of Canadian and Irish folk music which just adds to the diverseness of the music. For fans of Great Big Sea these songs will sound familiar and comfortable (and if you don't know Great Big Sea stop what you're doing and go check them out). I'm loving this album from start to finish and hope you will too!

Have a great week and enjoy the music!

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