Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of 2012 (Dec 30, 3012)

The "Best of 2012" - my list of some of the best songs of the past year from the best emerging bands.

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      Emerge Music Group Best of 2012
  1. Believer - American Authors
  2. I Really Want It - A Great Big World
  3.  If You're With Me- Clarensau
  4. One Man Symphony - 7Lions
  5. Underwater - Rachel and the Kings
  6. A Million Lives - Jake Miller
  7. The National Health - Maximo Park
  8. What Your Mother Taught You - Kingsfoil
  9. Doctor, Doctor - The Nighttime Adventure Society
  10. The Infinite Abyss of Space - Chris Ayer
  11. Dance in the Graveyards - Delta Rae
  12. Kentucky Moon - Jake Ousley
  13. Only You - Katie Sky
  14. Over That - The Static
  15. Heartbreakers - Neighborhood Kids
  16. Little Black Dress - Honor By August
  17. Lost Without You - Adam Jensen
  18. All in the Attitude - Toby Lightman
  19. Gimme Little Sign - Zak Waters
  20. Burning Little Holes - Portia Conn
  21. Falling - Bastille
  22. Monster Soul - Mike and Cody
  23. You Can Close Your Eyes - Todd Carey (feat. Dawn Mitschele)
  24. Not Over You - Gentleman's Rule
  25. Big Blue Wave - Hey Ocean!
  26. Sequel - TeamMate
  27. Home - Anna Johnson
  28. Loveless - Said The Whale
  29. Oh My My - Act As If
  30. Punch Me In The Heart - Natasha Duarte
  31. Colorful Midst - The Main Squeeze
  32. You're Not Alone - Marie Miller
  33. Gold - Carolina Story
  34. She's So Fly - Cris Cab
  35. 24 Hours - Jessica Ashley
  36. Someone Like You - Timeflies
  37. The Longest Winter - The Rescues

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tyrone Wells (December 23, 2012)

Tyrone Wells has been putting out great and gorgeous music for the better part of 10 years and it's time that he became more of a household name.  Tyrone isn't flashy or showy - he's just talented.  He has a crystal clear, beautiful voice and his songs are from the heart.  He fits nicely into the genre of singer songwriter with John Mayer (before he started getting weird) and Gavin DeGraw (remember him?) but Tyrone just keeps plugging away building up a solid and dedicated fan base.  His latest album, "This Love" is another example of what he is capable of.  Do him and yourself a favor and give any of his music a listen ( and find out just how great he is!

Have a great week and enjoy the music!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deaf Havana (December 16, 2012)

Deaf Havana ( is a great band from the UK who showcases the raw energy of great rock while maintaining incredible musicianship, vocals, etc.  It is the truly special rock singer who can pour his heart and soul into each word and yet still sing them in tune and so the lyrics can be understood and treasured.  Deaf Havana's album "Fools and Worthless Liars" is an amazing example of what a great rock album can be.  There are so many good songs on this album including one of my favorites "Little White Lies."  I also love that they aren't afraid to mix things up with some quieter more introspective tunes (i.e. "Hunstanton Pier" and "The Past Six Years").  There aren't many (and definitely not enough) bands making music like this right now! This great album is on sale for $5.99 on iTunes (for 14 songs!) so definitely give them a listen and pick it up!

We are only two weeks away from our end of the year "Best of 2012" feature! Be sure to invite your friends to the blog ( so they'll know about all of these great emerging bands!

Have a great week and enjoy the music!