Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stars - The Five Ghosts

Not sure how many people have heard of Paste Magazine but it's a great (mostly) music magazine (also features on books, arts, culture, etc.)  Each month's magazine comes with a sampler and the bands range from very well known to totally out there. I just got the most recent copy in the mail yesterday and the one track that really stood out on the sampler was a song called "Dead Hearts" by Stars.  Having checked out most of their album "The Five Ghosts" I can see that the one song was NOT a fluke. This is a cool sounding band - male and female vocals (which is a very quickly growing trend) and a very mellow (but not sleepy) sound. Definitely recommend checking them out and the album is available on Amazon's MP3 site for only $5. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

And so it begins...

Welcome to the Emerge Music Group blog! You may already be familiar with our Facebook Group of the same name.  That will continue as I strive to share one new band with you each and every week as I've done for over 3 years.  This blog will mimic that but will also include much more.  The blog will give you updates on bands we've featured before, share exciting new releases from Emerge worth bands, etc.  I've created some rules for the facebook group - I only post once a week and I don't feature a band more than once. This blog will NOT follow those rules so keep checking back and get ready for some great new music and reminders about bands that deserve a second listen.

Hope you enjoy and I'd appreciate you sharing this with your music loving friends! 

And as always, have a great week and enjoy the music!