Sunday, March 17, 2013

Music for Cancer Research Rally

Emerge Bands! Would you like to have your song(s) played for 10,000 people while supporting the American Association for Cancer Research "Rally for Medical Research" in Washington, DC on April 8th?

Ledger Productions is a DC based entertainment production company whom I have personally used. They recently were hired as the technical director of the Inagural Balls for President Oabama.

Please read on for information from Ledger Productions about how to get involved!  Time is of the essence!

I am working with the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) to produce the Rally
for Medical Research in Washington, DC on April 8th, 2013. There will be approximately 10,000
people in attendance and the main portion of the rally will be webcasted around the country.

Feel free to explore more at the following link to learn more about the event:

I am compiling a number of royalty-free songs that will be played before, during, and/or after
the rally, and am requesting the royalty-free use of your music. If you are willing, please send
me the following things:
• Written consent that we have the ability to use your music at this rally without paying
any royalties
• Written notice that you have the right to grant this request
• A list of songs and/or albums that we have the right to use at this rally
• Electronic files (or links to) high quality recordings of the songs and/or albums that
you give permission to use
(If your music is available on iTunes, we are willing to pay the standard price to
download the files.)

Please contact us as soon as possible, as we would like to have the music compiled by March
22nd.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution.
All the best,
Greg Cornell
Ledger Productions
Owner / Producer / Engineer | 202-642-2241

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