Sunday, March 29, 2015

Charlie Simpson (March 29, 2015)

Sometimes it just takes a few moments, a few notes, to realize that you're listening to something special and spectacular.  It didn't take me long to know that Charlie Simpson was just that.  It was almost too good to be true so I listened to another song, and then another, and before the hour was over I had purchased "Long Road Home" and fell in love with the whole album.  His voice is stellar all on its own but he brings in harmony after harmony to add these incredible layers to each song.  His music is a crazy combination of folk-like singer-songwriter and modern indie rock band but it's really none of those things at all. If you're asked "who does Charlie Simpson sound like" the only appropriate answer is... "Charlie Simpson."  I can't get enough of it and hope you'll like it as well!

Have a great week and enjoy the music!

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