Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dirty Loops (January 4, 2015)

A new year means a chance to start off fresh sharing great bands with all of you. It also means I get to "borrow" from some other great "Best Of" lists that have just been released.  And that's the case with this week's band, Dirty Loops, who were brought to my attention thanks to the one and only Seth Horan and his "Top Picks of 2014." Seth is a great and talented musician (he was actually an Emerge featured artist back in 2009) which just adds to the quality of his list.  Dirty Loops' new album "Loopified" is an instant pick me up with its combination of pop rock, jazz and more.  The first track, "Hit Me" does just that - it smacks you in the face and gets your heart racing.  Their "Wake Me Up" cover could easily be a Grammy nominee in the Jazz category. "Die For You" starts sounding like a boy band song, transitions into a full out rock song and winds up ready to be played in a dance club.  And "Accidentally In Love" just might be my favorite of the bunch.  If you like great music but great musicians this is the album for you.

Happy New Year, have a great week and enjoy the music!


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