Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lara Johnston (December 7, 2014)

I've been waiting and waiting and just can't wait any longer to share the immense talent that is Lara Johnston.  I came across Lara almost a year and a half ago with her original song K.I.S.S. which I thought would surely get her some much deserved attention and potentially even make her a star. But that song was kept fairly quiet and she's been working diligently on her craft, working with some great artists and putting out some incredible covers.  I'm hoping that sooner rather than later we will get a full album of material but for now there's plenty to see/hear and enjoy. Lara can be a sultry, bluesy singer when she wants to and can also go full diva and fall in line with the best pop artists working today.  In addition to K.I.S.S. and her other originals be sure to check out her covers both as a solo artist and with The New Velvet (previously featured Emerge Music band). She's got all the talent in the world and I can't wait for her to be head by a wider audience.

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