Sunday, June 15, 2014

Arkells (June 15, 2014)

Arkells quickly became one of my favorite bands after I got my hands on their album "Michigan Left."  I love "Book Club," "Coffee" and the title track and the whole album is great.  I was actually surprised I hadn't already featured them when I went to double check the list I keep.  Now they are poised to release their best album to date, "High Noon" in August and it's going to be totally incredible.  The first songs from that album, "Never Thought That This Would Happen" and "Come to Light" are two of my favorite songs of 2014 so far.  And now the album is available for pre-order and includes an immediate download of "11:11" which is another stellar track.

This would have been enough for me to feature them this week.  Then just a few minutes ago they posted an older video for "Coffee" in honor of Father's Day and it is hysterical and a sweet tribute to their dads.  So check out the video (below), check out the band, pre-order the album and tell your friends!

Have a great week and enjoy the music!

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