Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring 2012 Emerge CD!

It is with great pride that we announce the release of the Spring 2012 Emerge Promotional CD featuring 25 artists/songs from all over the world!  This is some of the BEST new music anywhere!  These CDs are being distributed to high school and college students from the Mid-Atlantic Region in late April.  But you can check out these incredible artists and their music by visiting the links below! Over the next couple of weeks we will be featuring some of these incredible bands so stay tuned!

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Spring 2012 Emerge CD Track Listing
  1. Big Plans - Natives
  2. Sweet Sweet Melody - Katie Sky
  3. Let's Go - Mike and Cody
  4. Angel Eyes - Marc Collis
  5. Voices (Letting Go) - Clear for Takeoff
  6. Take - XOHeart
  7. Hollywood - Melodime
  8. The Worst Part - Natasha Duraté
  9. Ain't Got Love - Todd Carey
  10. Hollywood Bound - The Atlantic Light
  11. The Secret That You Keep - Lansdowne
  12. She Will Stay Beneath The Moon - Adam Barnes
  13. Bigger Man - Maya Solovey
  14. Heaven - Dlugokecki
  15. Hey Mr. DJ - K-0TiC Couture
  16. Weekend Repeat - The B-Film Extras
  17. Forever Never Knowing - Dean Fields
  18. Movin' On - Katiebelle Akin
  19. Perfection Isn't Perfect - Britney Christian
  20. Looking at the Moon - The Walking Sticks
  21. Hide It Away - Hannah Winkler
  22. Time and Taste - This Winter Room
  23. Gush - Alyssa Jacey
  24. Jersey - Midweek Crisis
  25. Changes - Jamie Kent

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