Sunday, June 12, 2011


Attention bands! In recognition of the 4 Year Anniversary of the Emerge Music Group (which is coming up July 1) we are hoping to do some good by giving away some free music in exchange for donations to Pencils of Promise - a great organization that is helping to provide education in developing nations by building schools.  They have already built over 20 schools in various places in the world.

I'm asking you to donate a song to this cause. The songs will be part of a .zip file that will be emailed to anyone who contributes at least $4 ($4 for 4 year anniversary) to this cause until the end of July (and earlier if we can get it rolling sooner).  To contribute a song just email the .mp3 to  

My goal is to raise at least $400 by asking people to donate at least $4 to Pencils of Promise - this can be done easily online at:

$4 for 4 years of Emerge to do good - helping provide new schools and educational opportunities to over 60 children. This will be good promotion for the bands involved, for the Pencils of Promise organization and also for the Emerge Music Group.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd like to get this moving quickly and hope to have all songs by July 4th to

Ira Miller
Emerge Music Group

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