Thursday, October 7, 2010

New music!

The beginning of October doesn't disappoint with some great new music to enjoy. Check out some of these!

GUSTER - Easy Wonderful
Full disclosure that when asked my top bands of all time Guster is always #1 on that list so I'm simply thrilled to have new music from my favorite band. But this album doesn't disappoint - find out for yourself by going to their facebook page ( where the entire album is streaming for free!

Tyrone & Elina ( are a husband and wife duo who have created an awesome relationship album. Their songs are so true (and often so funny or sweet) and really hit all of those various random and funny things that happen in a relationship.  I didn't expect to like this album nearly as much as I did - it's good!

Gavin Mikhail ( has just released a new acoustic album consisting of some great covers (ranging from Linkin Park to Death Cab for Cutie, to Bruno Mars to Miley Cyrus - woah!) and a few of his own new songs. It's available in a few different formats but the cheapest is Amazon's MP3 site ($8.99).

So start with those and there will be more coming. Fall is always a great time for new music so get ready!

Have a great week and enjoy the music!
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